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on in mexico, firearms continue to flow across the border, and the body count continues to rise. >>so we're currently back at the csi headquarters where they're unloading the latest victim of gun violence in a seemingly endless drug war that has claimed the lives of more than 47,000 people in the past four years.
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>> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm. tonight in "the war room," so the thinking goes that responsible gun owners will support responsible gun safety laws. today the president went to the heartland to make the responsible case for just that. ♪
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>> jennifer: when you think about who buys the most guns you might think it's hunters or tour get shooters or gun clubs, but some of the biggest gun consumers are actually city police. the nydp's budget this year $4.5 million. not all of that goes to weapons but millions do. not only does that improve gun maker's bottom line it also gives them a very powerful marketing tool, the prestige that coming with arming officers. gun companies have designed entire marketing campaigns around the idea that every day citizens can be just like cops if they have the same guns that cops do. some ads even imply that if you
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have these guns you won't even need the police like this new spot for glock. [♪ dramatic music ♪] ♪ >> somebody picked the wrong girl. >> jennifer: now the lesson there seems to be this a scant lly clad woman holding a gun is just as effective as a trained police officer, or something like that. but while cities are pouring millions of dollars into gun companies, they are actually clashing with those very same companies on capitol hill. the nra, which obviously represents these gun makers they pushed back against some of
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the very measures that police chiefs are supporting. like background checks. trigger locks on new handguns, and requiring tracking numbers on guns. but finally city mayors are trying to use their financial might to help citizens and police officers help keep them safe. the national conference of democratic mayors is launching an initiative to grade gun manufacturers. the grades will be based on things like gun company's public statements on safety regulations and their lobbying expenditures and then cities can use the grades to choose from whom they actually guy their police guns. it may sound a little bit familiar, and that's because it's the same strategy that the
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nra has used for years in grading congress on how gun friendly they are. one of the cities which has taken the lead on this initiative is minneapolis. today's it's mayor said . . . >> jennifer: this is just the latest move in a series of successful measures that minneapolis has taken to curb gun violence so from 2003 to 2006, minneapolis was rocked by a crime wave that killed 80 people under the age of 25 making homicide the leading cause of death for minneapolis's young people. the city has been stuck with the unfortunate nickname of
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murder-apolis. but it launched a youth violence initiative that showed tremendous success. they have seen a 66% decrease in youth-related incidents, and on the state level there is a bipartisan push to improve the buck ground system the success of these programs got some very high-level tension, and today the president paid minneapolis a visit. he called on congress to follow the city's lead and expand federal background checks. >> obama: all of the folks standing here behind me today, they are the ones on the front line of this fight. they see the awful consequences the lives lost the families shattered. they know what works. they know what doesn't work and
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they know how to get things done without regard for politics. >> jennifer: they might not be political, but they do have a lot of political power. in an historic moment today, house gop members actually got on board with a bill to curve gun trafficking, and the reason they supported it because it had the backing of law enforcement officials, joining me now is the mayor of minneapolis, r.t. rybak. mayor, welcome back inside "the war room." >> good to be here. >> jennifer: you had a good day today featuring and highlighting what you guys are doing in minneapolis in the push for gun safety. tell us how you see this working. will you end for example -- will minneapolis end contracts with gun companies if they don't back certain safety measures? >> governor as you know there -- when you try to put
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your money where your mouth is in the public life it is complicated, but my citizens should be outraged if the tax dollars they have are being used to fund people including we buy a lot of glocks and that commercial that you saw was funded in part by the citizens of indianapolis and taxpayers around the country. and so the mayor of seattle and i looked at each other, and said we are going to be fought on these initiatives. and we said wait a minute we buy a lot. we have information from 60 cities already. and glocks are the number one gun that police departments buy around the country. >> jennifer: just to be specific
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about it though, so glock presumably is funding the nra, because they want to see more glocks purchased. if they, what backed out of support for the nra, or if they themselves decided not to labby congress that would be an indication to you that this was a werethy place to place minneapolis's citizen's money in terms of the police department. >> today when we got our first round of data that glocks are the number one gun that the mayors we surveyed buy. so we want to have a good conversation with them. but let's have that conversation. what we want to do is ideally have someone out there who is involved in gun manufacturing, somebody who says hey, look i want to partner with cities and
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they would have a pretty welcome audience from mayors across the country. >> jennifer: so you and mayor mcginn of seattle and -- are other mayors doing the same thing? i know you are a great leader in the conference of mayors. do you expect you'll get others to sign on and how many cities need to sign on for it to be effective. >> we absolutely expect support. i'm president of the democratic mayors. so we had a meeting of 60 mayors, who signed on 20 have already given information, and many of them like me are moving this through our city council. let our citizens know their tax dollars are going to these different manufacturers, and now i'll be contacting the gun manufacturers saying we want to sit down and talk. the response may be great, or it
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may not be. >> jennifer: i love the idea of putting your money where your mouth is because that's really where it has impact. i have to ask you, because you have made a ton of progress in these other areas. how were you specifically able to reduce youth violence? >> the president came today to a city that has done a lot of reduce violence especially youth violence. so what we have done is first we brought everybody in this community together, and looked at what worked around the country. every young person surrounded by a trusted adult, intervene at the first sign of troubled behavior. the second is rejuvenate our kids. and fourth is to attack the culture of violence. we had about 34 actions under
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each of those. we engaged not only the public sector but lots of community members working together. mary johnson a mom who's kid was shot and killed and she found a way to reach out to the young man who shot him and won him back. a group that is out doing great work. all of them together in a huge community plan along with some tough enforcement was really about that. >> jennifer: all right -- >> the problem is i have still stood on street corners with moms looking over their dead kids trying to find out where that gun came from and the congress and officials are preventing us from working together. change that law. >> jennifer: that's interesting, because there is a real tapestry of solutions that have to come
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together to change the culture. and would you divest or consider divesting your public worker's pension funds from gun makers like they have been doing in chicago? is that one other solution? >> that's a solution many have used. it is certainly the key to what happened with apartheid in south africa. i tend to not want to mix political discussions with pension plans, but the president said something today that was really good. he spent about 45 minutes listening, which is an amazing thing for a president to do and he said all of this is so important. he said we have to realize when people tell us in washington you have to do community work and all of that and you have done that. you have to do many things to make a community safe just like
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many things have been done to make communities unsafe. >> jennifer: right. right. you guys are a great example of a best practice from the laboratories of democracy out there. thank you so much for coming on and being a great role model. minneapolis mayor, r.t. rybak. great seeing you. coming up. karl rove's super pac didn't have much luck in 2012, so now he is actually going after republicans. but if you are elderly or a child and living in beijing the government says the best way to protect your health is to stay in doors, and unfortunately there is no invisible wall to keep the problem in china, and then free wifi for everyone in the country, rich or poor city or farm, sounds fantastic, unless of course you are a wireless industry executive, and
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then it doesn't sound so good afternoon. it is "the war room" on a monday night. we're just getting started.
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(vo) later tonight current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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>> jennifer: karl rove likes to win elections, so to do so, he needs two things money and candidates that actually appeal to voters. we know rove can raise the money according to the center for responsible politics his super pac and the nonprofit one, they spent $175 million during the 2012 election cycle. but sometimes karl rove ends up with candidates like this. >> life is a gift from god, and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> jennifer: you remember poor richard mourdock the tea party-backed republican indiana
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senate candidate. well, he lost, and now according to the "new york times" american cross roads is spinning off an operation called conservative victory project to help get electable republican candidates past the tea party candidates. and not all republicans are happy. matt hoskins released a statement saying . . . meaning the tea party. ouch. sounds like the tea party is ready to restock its supply of tar and feathers. joining me now is one guy who loves a right on right fight. and jason johnson, political
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science professor at hiram university and chief political correspondent for joins us from atlanta. welcome back to you bothn "the war room." >> good to be here. >> hi, jennifer. >> jennifer: you bet. bill let me start with you. is this how karl rove crushes the tea party to regain control of the gop? >> there's nothing i like better than watching republicans eat their own, so this is a moment we can all enjoy, but i find this absolutely hilarious. karl rove was the biggest looser of 2012. he lost 10 out of 12 senate seats, lost 4 out of 9 of their house seats, donald trump accused him of blowing $400 million in this, so why would anybody trust karl rove
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with another dime, number 1? and the real question that i have is how much money is karl rove making out of this deal? i think this is another scam to fatten karl rove's pockets. >> jennifer: that's a really important point that these sort of advisors to these pacs he is probably gets some kind of percentage or direct salary that he is benefitting from enormously. >> exactly. >> jennifer: jason should democrats worry about this or should they exploit this conservative victory project? >> you know, a wise confederate general once said don't get anywhere near a circular firing squad. it's not wise to let the democrats get anywhere near this. and the reality is not only is karl rove simply lining his
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pockets, but this is the difficult birthing process that any party goes through when they lost consecutive elections. just let them go through their growth spurt, but right now just let them keep shooting. >> jennifer: and the question is how long will it take for them to go through that growth spirit. bill, the upcoming iowa senate race, they are looking at that as a case where congress steve king could win the republican primary but lose the general. if you look at just iowa how brutal can it get there? >> i think it could get very brutal. who is karl rove kidding in many ways? this is who the republican party is today. this is who they are. todd akin, right, he was no
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outsider. he was the republican endorsed candidate. sharon engel in nevada, christine o'donnell in delaware. they were the republican's choice candidate. so karl rove pretending to be holy than thou i don't think we ought to fall for it. >> jennifer: jason on the subject of republican primaries today, south carolina republican state senator lee bright told row call that he is leaning towards a challenge against republican lindsay graham. do you expect that graham will end up tacking even further to the right? because he certainly has tacked to the right over the past couple of years. >> this challenge is an absolute
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nut case. lindsay graham he'll do the old john lovett thing, i can't believe i'm losing to this guy. lee bright wants to have south carolina mint their own money and build their own guns -- these are statements that he has made. so there is really nothing for lindsay graham -- >> jennifer: but people like that are winning in republican primaries. so who knows right? >> not under these circumstances. >> jennifer: he should be worried. i want to get to a potential problem on the democrat side. bob menendez is under a cloud of ethics violations. senate majority leader harry reid had this to way about menendez yesterday. >> i have confidence he did nothing wrong, but that's what
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investigations are all about. he has been and will be a great member of that committee. >> jennifer: i would love to get both of your takes on this very quickly. what is going on here? and how steady is his support? >> this is careless at best sloppy at best when you are flying on a corporate jet and not paying you are doing something wrong. i think there has to be a complete ethics investigation. >> jennifer: jason? >> unless they can find the underage prostitutes this is going to blow over. if they can't find the young women nothing is going to happen. >> jennifer: and to our viewers who may not be aware of this a lot of blogs are suggesting that those flights have led to underage sex stuff but nothing
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has been proven about that. bill press and jason johnson thank you so much for coming inside "the war room." up next cover your mouth and shield your lungs, coal is making a comeback. china is in a race to see how quickly it can destroy its clean air, but don't worry, u.s. coal companies are getting in on the act too.
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>> jennifer: pollution readings in beijing, china were the worst on record last month. they advised the elderly, children and people with respiratory to just stay in doors. the air was so bad it was literally off of the charts.
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the air quality index maxes out at 500. in the chinese capitol, the reading hit a whopping 755. a major culprit behind the toxic smog was coal. china is the largest consumer of coal. and its appetite for coal isn't waning any time soon. it currently has 620 coal-fired power plants with another 363 coal fired power plants in the works. coal is of course among the dirtist of fossil fuels. here is a dirty little secret some of this coal comes from america, and if big coal has its way, there will be much more en route to asia. the u.s. coal industry is currently campaigning hard to
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ramp up the amount of coal that we export. they are hoping to bill five new ocean terminals in washington and oregon where u.s. coal would be shipped abroad to china and india. those terminals would dramatically increase the amount we export from 800 million to more than 140 million each and every year. joining me now to discuss this potential offshoring of our coal and what it could mean is greenpeace climate and energy campaigner kelly mitchell. welcome inside "the war room." >> thank you. >> jennifer: so why are mining companies moving to export coal overseas? >> right now is a pretty terrible time to be a coal industry executive.
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for decades it has been the major source of energy. but that is reversing, and that is a huge success story for people concerned about climate change and public health but that is a terrible reality for coal executives and their financiers. so now they are getting the stuff out of the u.s. and into emerging economies. >> jennifer: so is that why coal is now a dollar a ton? these companies are buying it for so cheap; is that why? >> that is sort of a scandal in of itself. the majority of coal is from an area called the power river basin, and most of that is federally owned coal, and the federal government is responsible for -- >> jennifer: wait, when you say federally owned coal, you are talking it is leased -- they go
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down, but it is on public lands. >> exactly. it is on public lands, and the rocks themselves belong to the american taxpayers, and the federal government is responsible for leasing that land to the coal industry in a responsible way. but in reality they are selling it for as low as a dollar a ton. and that has resulted in a over $30 billion subsidy to the coal industry. >> jennifer: so you have the potential for the building of these ocean terminals which will be places from which all of that coal will go over to china. where do the proposals to build that stand now? who is responsible for approving them? >> the good news now is there is no steel in the ground. all of the proposals are at different levels of view and if
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you contrast that with what energy was saying even a year, amber industry said they would be exporting colby 2013 and they have not received a single permit yet. and that is not by accident. over 10,000 people have been turning out to public hearings calling on state county and federal officials to do a thorough investigation of these projects and prevent them from going through. >> jennifer: the coal is likely to be shipped on trains from the powder river basin to these terminals that are about to be build. have those tracks already been laid? >> yes, but they are not equipped to handle up to 60 trains a day.
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it would require a pretty extensive rehaul, new investment investments in train and rail rehaul. >> jennifer: so the scholarship journal is reporting that as much as a quarter of california's for example particulate pollution originates in china. how much will carbon die oxite emissions increase? >> that's a great question, and that's the number one reason why greenpeace is so concerned about these projects. we released a report that shows if the coal industry is able to move forward this massive expansion, it would release over 420 million tons of co2 a year. to put that in context, that's more co2 than the entire country
3:36 pm
of spain produces. >> jennifer: so what can people do? people listening to this and are concerned, what can we do if we're at home? >> that's a great question. and i think issues like climate change and global coal trade can seem really daunting but when you break it down, these are all decisions being made by human beings, who are easily influenced by public opinion. folks can check out there you can find links from everything to a petition to where you can find a place to sign up and volunteer locally to stop these proposals. >> jennifer: thank you so much. power past
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kelly thank you for joining us on this unbelievable story. in the 52 days since the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school at least 1,531 americans have died as a result of gun violence, which is an estimate from "slate" magazine. one of those people is former navy seal sniper chris kyle. chris kyle after leaving the military dedicated his life to helping veterans overcome injuries. and it's during that outreach that chris kyle, 38 years old, and a friend were shot saturday at a dallas area shooting range. during his four tours in iraq chris was credited with being able to shoot and hit insurgents from more than a mile away. in a recent interview chris said that his biggest accomplishment isn't what he did on the
3:38 pm
battlefield, but in keeping his family together. chris leaves behind a wife and two children and sadly chris will no longer be there for them.
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>> jennifer: we're back inside "the war room"." i'm jennifer granholm. for many of us wi-fy has become as essential as the food we eat. it is the ultimate democrat-tiezer of communication. and the -- federal communications commission wants to keep it that way. but the $178 billion wireless industry is lobbying hard against the fcc proposal and that industry argues that the fcc should auction off the
3:42 pm
airways to businesses and that free wifi would disrupt existing cellar service. of course they are trying to protect their bottom line. the united states is ranked 29th in internet speed word wide. 29th. the average cost of bundled service, cable phone, and internet in the united states is $160 a month. now in france it's just $38 a month. and the internet there is as much as 20 times faster. so coming to us tonight from syracuse, new york, to explain why the united states is going down the information superhighway in reverse is professor david kay johnson. and david cay johnston thank you
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so much for joining us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> jennifer: in your book you drew up a similar blueprint to what the fcc is proposing. tell us why. >> it is a great day when i read this because it's what i have been arguing for. we have a system that is the equivalent of having to pay a fee to a company to drive anywhere. if you don't pay the fee you can't leave your house. it is an inefficient, incredible costly system, it's why people are dropping cable service. it is imposing dead weight losses in our society that are terribly expensive. and it is retarding economic growth. if we had a government-run system for something that is a natural monopoly and certainly
3:44 pm
with can be a natural monopoly where everybody has access to high-speed wi-fy we would development products and services that known has even thought about, instead you have the monopolist that want to protect their profits. >> jennifer: of course. isn't wi-fy actually free in many countries. >> not exactly free but much easier to get to and much much cheaper. we pay 16.5 times more than what the north korean pay, and it is twice as fast. america's internet is terrible. it's the equivalent of being in ireland and having to stop on a
3:45 pm
road for sheep. >> jennifer: exactly. but you have gop lawmakers coming out and saying auctioning airwaves would bring millions into the coffers. >> i hope our country is here a million years from now. we should use this public airway for public services and access or at least charge a reoccurring rental fee for the use of it that will reduce burden on taxpayers. if we had wide access to everybody, then we would have a much morrow bust competitive market. the republicans aren't standing up for competitive markets, they are standing up for monopolists. >> jennifer: but this is something that is being decided at the level of the fcc.
3:46 pm
presumably congress doesn't have to weigh in on this, does it? >> there will be a "drive" from these big companies to buy litigation. google is pushing for competitive markets, and that should be our guiding principle, how do we get the least cost and best service, and it can't be from monopolists. >> jennifer: microsoft and google supports the fcc's proposal, right? >> that's exactly right. and the cost of doing this on a universal basis, jennifer is very low compared to the cost of doing it the way we're doing it now through these companies. my service at home is terrible. i have to keep connecting and reconnecting to my cable box and i give lectures and hear
3:47 pm
many stories about how irritating their service is. and there are visitors to the u.s. who find our internet laughable. >> jennifer: yeah, it is laughable. is the industry powerful enough to stop public wi-fy for all? >> hopefully got for the economy in the long run and economic growth in the future. >> jennifer: all right. thank you so much for joining me again inside "the war room." great to see you. >> thank you jennifer. >> jennifer: up next the super bowl brings about a new right-wing theory. >> coming up the president went skeet shooting and he has the photos to back it up.
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>> jennifer: welcome book to
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"the war room" in san francisco. i'm jennifer granholm. now let's hustle down the coast to a city who's team did not just lose the super bowl. michael shure is coming to us out of los angeles. michael what is the game plan for tonight? >> the game plan is just recovering from the 49ers loss. i'm a 49ers fan, it's too bad it happened the way it did. >> jennifer: do you think that one of the 49er fans pulled the plug? what do you think was going on down there? >> i don't know. i'm going to leave that up to you to investigate. >> jennifer: so what are you guys doing on the turk's tonight. >> we're going to do a light story on the super bowl ads, and a chris kyle, the american sniper author of" american
3:52 pm
sniper," navy sale was gunned down while trying to help one of his colleagues. we'll look into ptsd and what the president said today in minnesota to stop guns. and we'll look at chick-fil-a, is it safe? can i believe go back and get a chicken sandwich. >> jennifer: all right. michael thanks so much we'll be watching. and now for a look at the best of the rest, the story i don't want you progressives to miss out on this monday evening. last night's super bowl power outage that actually halted the ravens niners game for 34 minutes, it has inspired all kinds of finger points beyonces pipes, and batman so leave it to the rabid right to blame the
3:53 pm
dome's energy efficiency installation as the culpret. when the lights went down inside the dome the hyenas lunged! fox news contributor lisa tweeted this. energy secretary chu got out friday to avoid supergate, it's all his fault, lisa jackson too! and then the daily caller quipped . . . actually that's pretty funny. so the super bowl blackout was all part of a vast left-wing
3:54 pm
conspiracy by permcultured organic an francis cans to steal the game. of course. i want to actually applaud fox new's chris wallace for calling out wayne lapierre over the controversial ad that attacked the president for having armed guards for his daughters. take a look. >> did you really think that the president's children are the same kind of target as every school child in america. that's ridiculous and you know it sir! >> jennifer: i love that. someone at fox news actually caring about the truth. that is to be applauded. congratulations chris wallace. doesn't real jurnallism feel good? the senate agreed to advance
3:55 pm
legislation reauthorizing the violence against women act. as you remember last year that violence against women act died in the house, the bill, after republican leaders objected to adding provisions that would expand protections to the lbgt community and immigrants, but today the motion to proceed passed. final passage is expected in the senate sometime this week, but then it goes to the house to be dealt with, so we'll see what happens there. and then finally, last story tonight. it has been more than 50 years since rosa bark's famously refused to give up her bus seat but what you might not know after her famous protest, she was continually threatened both she and her husband lost their
3:56 pm
jobs. they couldn't get work for a decade, and while her face became increasingly synonymous with the civil rights movement her family was nearly destitute. but she was always a fighter, working tirelessly of the secretary of the branch of the naacp, well, today would have been her 100th birthday and in honor of that the u.s. postal service released a stamp in her image. it was unveiled today in dear born, michigan. love it. quick break. we'll wrap things up. allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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♪ >> jennifer: by now you might have seen the photo that proves the president has in fact gone skeet shooting. of course they say a picture is worth a thousand

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